CHRIS MULHERN — ‘Untitled 002’

Chris Mulhern is one of the most talented videographers that we’ve had the pleasure of working with during our 10-year history. And we’ve worked with a lot! He’s had a hand in many projects in collaboration with notable brands including 5Boro and adidas. Chris is currently plugging away on a new full-length indie that looks promising. Mainly shot in Philly and featuring Mark Del Negro, Joey O’Brien, Nate Pezzillo, Dylan Sourbeer, Ishod Wair, Kevin Liedtke, Kevin Lowry, Brian Douglas, Justin Adeniran, Brian Panebianco, Pat Heid, Yaje Popson, Matt Militano, and Ricky Geiger, Mulhern’s upcoming project is definitely something to get excited about. Have a look at the latest trailer above.

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