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Chris Pfanner Watches his Video Parts for Solo Skate Mag’s ‘Timelines’

Sit down with Chris Pfanner as he takes a look back at all the video parts he’s filmed over the years between 1999 and 2022 so Solo Skate Mag. Pfanner covers every part from his early days with Yuma Skateboards in Yama im Laden (2001) and Paranoia Paradise (2007), to his work with Lucas Fiederling in “The Done Video (2009) and Where We Come From (2016), to his appearance in the Vans videos ‘1966’ (2011) and Propeller – (2015), to his parts in Volcom’s Holy Stokes (2016), Antihero’s Quantinium (2020), and Spitfire’s CobblestraBe (2022). Listen above as Chris reflects on his career, shares the story of him joining Anti-hero, and how he balances fatherhood and skateboarding while watching his incredible parts.

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