Chris Roberts Announces Covid-Related Pause For ‘Nine Club’

For over three years, The Nine Club has established itself as a reliable source of skate chat, consistently churning out weekly interviews. But, last week, the show uncharacteristically skipped its regular Monday upload. Chris Roberts shared a message today explaining the gap in content:

“The reason being, we all know Covid-19 SUCKS. And a few people near and dear to us had tested positive for Covid-19.” 

With close friends testing positive, the show made the decision to “take a quick pause,” in order to keep the crew’s health as the number-one priority, and continue to get tested for the virus. Roberts went on to reassure his audience that he has tested negative, and put a uniquely positive Crob spin on it. “I’ve tested negative—because I’m a hermit.” We wish nothing but the best to Roberts and The Nine Club’s crew. Stay safe!

Crob has been working with The Berrics since the very beginning, and is responsible for creating one of our more memorable traditions: BATB’s ‘Legion Of Doom.’ Check out a handful of his projects with us, below:

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