Classic Steve Berra Birdhouse Board Featured In NFT Drop

Classic Steve Berra Birdhouse Board Featured In NFT Drop

Yesterday, Mint Road Limited announced a partnership with Skateboarding Hall of Fame to release NFTs and ensure its continued longevity in honoring the history and culture of skateboarding. Proceeds from this special NFT drop will be used to further the SHOF’s mission, by making improvements to the indoor skatepark and museum, and includes the unique opportunity to own the actual physical skateboard hanging in the hall itself!

“Working with the team at Mint Road has been great,” SHOF founder Todd Huber said. “This is a unique opportunity to not only show support for our non profit Skateboarding Museum, but to own a piece of history as either an NFT or perhaps even a real board taken directly from our exclusive collection.”

The ‘Curator’s Collection’ is a limited-release of 1,020 NFTs based on the 100 most rare boards from the museum’s collection spanning the 1990s thru 2000s. Each deck —including one Birdhouse pro model that Berrics cofounder Steve Berra signed in 2000—represents a unique time in our history and has an epic story behind it. With 10 variations of each board available to mint, owning all ten grants collectors ownership rights to the actual physical skateboard. Holders can then choose to cash in the NFTs and receive the actual physical board itself, or keep the NFTs and know that special piece of skateboarding history hanging in the HOF is all yours, and can be claimed at any time, with your name immortalized on a plaque next to it.

Additionally, owning any one of the 100 different boards will grant early access to future drops of boards actually skated by the pros, skate art created exclusively for the Skateboard Hall of Fame, exclusive swag contests and giveaways, VIP access to parties and events, and red carpet treatment anytime you visit the museum and skatepark. Ballin’!

For more information, visit the website here, and join the Discord for allow list access to mint with the date to be announced at Skateboarding Hall of Fame’s induction ceremony on November 11, 2022.

Check out some of Berra’s greatest hits, below:

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