‘Cnet’ Demonstrates The Benefits Of Using The iPhone 11 Pro For Skate Filming

Cnet has a resident skateboarder, and his name is Nic Henry. The exceedingly affable journalist recently took the $1,000 iPhone 11 Pro for a spin and tested out its video camera features in some straight-up real-life skate scenarios. The results are pretty breathtaking (and we’re not just talking about Henry’s mustache), with some crazy stabilization and low-light benefits that really raise the quality of even the most mundane clip.

This walkthrough is well worth a watch if you’re thinking about a phone upgrade, and like we said earlier: the affable-as-fuck Henry is the kind of reviewer we could watch all day. (The montage of his best clips early in the review is legitimately hilarious.) Also, click through to the video’s YouTube page for a surprising display of skate nerdery in the comments. Cnet is doing this shit right… who knew?

Read more about his iPhone 11 Pro test here.

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