Watch Cody Cepeda & Ross Capicchioni In TCMT’s ‘Namaste’

Two Berrics success stories—Cody Cepeda and Ross Capicchioni—are back in a new video from the TCMT crew called ‘Namaste’! Cepeda is our Battle At The Berrics 7 champ, and one of five BATB 12 skaters going into Round 2 who have a chance of becoming 2-time victors. And Capicchioni? Well, let’s just say he’s actually Superman (and Oprah Winfrey thinks so, too): He was shot, recovered, got back on his board, and became the subject (shared far and wide) of one of our top videos of all time. The Berrics wouldn’t be what it is today without these rad skaters.

We bow before this Michigan crew. ‘Namaste’ also features Zaviae Esters, Myles Willard, Cole Gossett, Travis Henderson, Josh Urie, Jalen Nance, Brendan Lynch, Colton Perugia, Christian Shaw, Eric King, Mike Regan, and Eric Cockream Jr. Watch the video, above!

Check out some of Cepeda’s and Capicchioni’s best-known Berrics moments, below:

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