Color-X Books Releases Special Issue Featuring Fallen’s Chris Cole

Color-X Books, the coloring book brand owned by Garrett and Gantry Hill, has released their first digital mini-issue and it features Fallen’s Chris Cole. Illustrated by Mark Kowalchuck, this 6-pager is a full-resolution feast for the eyes, including a Cole-themed word search, Pro Model shoe image, portrait, and a special message from the Wallenberg destroyer himself. Cole-lect them all!

Download the digital coloring book at the Color-X site—it’s only $4.00 and it will keep you entertained for hours. This is truly a Cole-oring book for all ages.

The Hill bros have worked with The Berrics since we opened our virtual doors in 2007 and, in October 2008, Garrett became our fifth Battle Commander. Check out a handful of their projects with us over the years, below:

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