Comedian Patton Oswalt’s Daughter Gets Skateboarding Lesson From Tony Hawk

Comedian Patton Oswalt, who co-starred on the sitcom The King Of Queens, recently got together with Tony Hawk (who is skateboarding’s King of Everything) for a little skate lesson. Well, the lesson was for Oswalt’s daughter Alice but he seemed to enjoy it almost as much as she did!

Alice is Oswalt’s kid with Michelle McNamara, the deceased author of I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, which is now a blockbuster true-crime limited series on HBO. Oswalt and Alice both have major roles in the project, which tracks McNamara’s epic hunt for the Golden State Killer. (We have watched all of the episodes and can honestly say that it is an earth-shattering story, expertly told.)

Watch some footage of the Oswalts’ sesh below!

Also check out last summer’s ‘Tony Hawk Week’ projects, along with our exclusive THPS Alumni day at The Berrics, below:

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