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Dreams really do come true! Felipe Gustavo started out as a young skate rat in Brasilia, Brazil with absolutely no ins to the skate industry. He had immense talent and a dream that was bigger than life; that was it. He was just like you. He wasn’t rich, and he certainly didn’t have a silver spoon or “connections.” In fact, his family sold their car just so he could afford a plane ticket to the 2007 Tampa Am contest (which he won!) and give it his best in America. Well, last nightâ€â€6 years laterâ€â€Plan B and DC announced that Felipe is now pro. He’s more determined, accomplished, and talented than just about anyone we’ve ever come across. Needless to say, we can’t express how proud we are of him for making his dreams come true. He’s not just a good friend of The Berrics, he’s also, quite honestly, one of the best skateboarders on the face of the planetâ€â€as evidenced by his recent win in Run & Gun last month, as well as everything else he’s ever put out. Congratulations, Felipe! You’ve earned it. Let Felipe’s story serve as motivation to never give up on your dreams. Even if they seem absolutely impossible to reach and everyone tries to put you down for believing in them. If you stay focused and keep moving forward, you will achieve your goals. Felipe is living proof. Watch his debut pro part for Plan B right now and be reminded of that.

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