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Conor Charleson’s Slight Inclination Part

Walls. They’re meant to build up, protect, support, or keep out… But Conor Charleson sees walls differently than the average person, or skater for that matter. To Conor, a wall is a canvas and his skateboard is the brush. In “Slight Inclination,” Conor’s latest video offer premiering via Free Skate Mag, he displays his incredible ability to meld his craft with the chaos of hucking himself horizontally towards a vertical plane. But he doesn’t just skate walls; he dances with them, creating a kinetic poetry that leaves you breathless. Between the barrage of wonderful wallie combinations, we’re treated with Conor’s creative approach to every spot, and the boundless determination to not let any wall stand in his way.

Watch “Slight Inclination,” Directed by Dan McGee, now showing on Free Skate Mag.

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