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CONS PROJECT RETURNS — Paul Schmitt Shows You How To Shape

The Converse CONS Project—a series of free global community workshops with a DIY focus built by experts in the worlds of skate, art and music to inspire creativity—is coming back! Here are the details:

  • “Create a Skate Deck” – Learn how to size, shape, and design skate decks from accomplished skateboard manufacturer Paul Schmitt of CreateASkate, designer Josh Row and Cons Skate Ambassador Don “Nuge” Nguyen
    • Cons Project: Austin – December 12, 2015

  • “DIY Skate Spot” – Learn how to build skate structures with concrete at a DIY skate spot with accomplished builders Tom Dupere and Noah Powell, and Cons Skate Ambassador Tom Remillard
    • Cons Project: Boston – February 6, 2016

  • “Creative Recycling” – Learn how to repurpose used skate decks and build your own furniture with designer Andy Vasquez and Cons Skate Ambassador Mike Anderson
    • Cons Project: Chicago – March 5, 2016 

  •  “Building Skate Structures” – Learn how to build a skate structure with accomplished builder and designer Dan Bergeron, and Cons Skate Ambassador Kenny Anderson
    • Cons Project: Toronto – March 19, 2016

  • “Skate Photography & Zine Making” – Learn how to shoot rad skate photos and make your own zine from professional skate photographer Joe Brooks, zine expert Jai Tanju and Cons Skate Ambassadors Kenny Anderson and Aaron Herrington
    • Cons Project: Los Angeles – April 2, 2016
    • Cons Project: New York – May 7, 2016


As a unique digital platform for interaction and inspiration among the skate and art communities, the online Cons Project community will serve as a DIY resource that will feature step-by-step video tutorials and original video content; profiles of Cons Project mentors and Cons Skate Team ambassadors; and an interactive, digital community zine that allows members to highlight and share their DIY and creative efforts.

To register for one of the workshops and explore the Cons Project community, visit the CONS Project site.

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