Cons Project: Vancouver — Building Skate Structures With The Zenga Bros

Inviting skaters to participate in a free one-day workshop on the fundamentals of building skateable structures, participants joined legendary East Coast ambassador, Quim Cardona, taking part in everything from cutting transitions, drilling in ribs, to finishing ledges and wedges. Learning how they can make these things themselves with salvaged materials and the tools they’ll need to do it. Just 45 skaters were lucky enough to take part in this exclusive opportunity and The Skateboard Mag was there to test-ride the work and see it all go down. 


Thanks to CONS, skaters were treated to a hands-on, first class crash course in ramp construction, as well as lunch and giveaways throughout the day. Not to mention an exclusive skate session that would continue late into the evening at an off-site location.  As one element of the overarching North American CONS Project initiative, CONS Project: Vancouver is slated to continue alongside future workshops in key cities including Montreal and Toronto. This specialized program, geared towards the next generation of skate, art and music talents, offers extensive, hands-on workshops with renowned legends and up-and-coming super stars at no cost.

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