CONVERSE CONS — ‘Purple’ Teaser

CONVERSE CONS -- ‘Purple’ Teaser

The release of Converse’s Purple video next month is something to get excited about immediately.

Converse has been a part of skateboarding’s DNA since the beginning. Chuck Taylors have been the shoe of choice for countless skaters since before many of us have been alive. With history that runs that deep, Converse’s involvement with skateboarding just makes sense. It launched its skate program roughly a decade ago. But Converse is just now getting around to releasing its first full-length video offering. With a team that consists of leaders of the current generation like Louie Lopez and Sean Pablo, as well as legends like Kenny Anderson and Jason Jessee; Converse’s Purple video may be one of the most-anticipated videos of the year.

The first teaser video was posted on Instagram this afternoon, and the release date is schedule for sometime next month. If you’re not excited for this, you’re probably not a true fan of skateboarding. Check the teaser below.


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