See Copenhagen Pro Open 2019 From Jack Olson & Henry Gartland’s Perspectives

The Minnesotans Jack Olson and Henry Gartland, two of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, were recently thrown into the lion’s den that is Copenhagen Pro Open. But it didn’t change them (chances are they won’t even remember it come next year). Zumiez‘s latest edit—filmed by Nick Hanson—captures some awesome moments that weren’t really part of the standard CPH highlight reel that was shared over the summer: We get to see Kevin Bradley do it for the money down a ridiculous double-set; some unseen angles of Copenhagen high-speed hill intensity; and even Ducky Kovacs getting silly with a “Copenhagen grip job.”

Having this much fun should be illegal. In fact, it is illegal in quite a few countries, which is probably why Denmark continues to be a premier destination for debauchery and de bangers. Olson and Gartland obviously had the times of their lives, and the way they welcomed the opportunity—treating the CPH with utmost courtesy and respect—proves that you can take the boys out of Minnesota but you can’t take the Minnesota out of the boys.

Take a look at our previous Zumiez coverage, below:

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