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Cortina Bearings Drops The Cortina Tapes Volume 2

Cortina Bearings has dropped the sequel to “The Cortina Tapes.” Volume 2 is a megamix of heavy footage from the team unrelentingly ripping up every spot in their path. The video features, T-Funk, Dustin Dollin, Tommy Fynn, Terell Newell, Magnus Bordewick, David Jakinda, Blake Norris, Noah Pollard, Nathan Pacheco, Guy Azulay, Jonathan Seiberling, Sawyer Bourdeaux, Cyprus Blanco, Marcos Montoya, Carl Aikens, Erik Herrera, Kyle Walker and Anderson Pereira. Edited by Alex Dyer and co-edited by Andy Netkin.

Watch “The Cortina Tapes Vol 2” above, and check out some of our work with Cortina riders Kyle Walker, Tommy Fynn, Marcos Montoya, Erik Herrera and Carl Aikens, below:

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