Cory Juneau Makes It Look Too Easy In Flip’s ‘Unleashed’

Vans Park Series champ Cory Juneau took first place in 2019 with his flawless “no grabs, no problem” run, broadcasting his casual style with slip-ons (and no helmet). Now, he’s landed on the Flip Skateboards team, and his latest video reassures you that, if anything, Juneau has only mellowed even MORE since his Park Series win: His ‘Unleashed’ clip features a cruising-down-to-the-corner-store level approach to a gargantuan kickflip alongside a busy thoroughfare. It’s Juneau, you know—this is how it should be done, kids.

Watch our 2019 Ninja Training with Flip ams Sanggoe Dharma Tanjung and Marcos Montoya, below:

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