Cowtown’s ‘Skateboard Angel’ Program Gifts Christmas Completes To Arizona Kids

Cowtown's 'Skateboard Angel' Program Gifts Christmas Completes To Arizona Kids

Ryan Lay pictured, center, with the Skate After School program.

Cowtown skateshop’s Skateboard Angel program has been supplying complete skateboards to needy or at-risk Arizona youth for three years. Local paper The Glendale Star recently talked with shop owner Trent Martin about this awesome philanthropic program, which has awarded nearly 800 complete skateboards in its first two years (this year the goal is to surpass 500 completes).

Martin says that a skateboard can change a life, adding that the program is “just a way to spread what we were able to do as a shop and the advantages we had, to give to the public in hopes we can get more kids skateboards [who] wouldn’t necessarily be able to buy [them]. But it gives them a chance to get out and get away from whatever it is they need an escape from.”

Through December 31, you can donate a complete skateboard to a young Arizonian in need for just $54.95. That is a ridiculously low price (you’re lucky to find just a pair of trucks for that much). For more info, visit Cowtown’s Skateboard Angel donation page here.

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