Crailtap Hangs Out With Carl Aikens In Brooklyn For The Day

Crailtap recently hung out with Chocolate Skateboards’ Carl Aikens in NYC for its latest ‘Slice Of Life’ episode, hitting as many spots as possible. Aikens has been officially riding for the brand since the beginning of the year, pre-COVID, and we get to see how he has adjusted to the health precautions in the city since his big team announcement. In the case of his local shop, Labor, the pandemic has birthed at least one new skate spot—for more optimism and positive vibes, watch Aikens’s video above.

Chocolate’s riders have been working with The Berrics since before a single clip was filmed in our teeny, tiny Myers St. private warehouse. (Ty Evans put together an awesome ‘Skate Fairy’ episode devoted to the LA sanctuary in 2006.) Check out a random assortment of Crail projects form the past eleven years, below (thanks for the memories!):

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