Watch Creature’s Nonstop Pacific ‘Northwest Rev’n’ Trip Edit Here

Creature has put together 15 minutes of nonstop action featuring the “fiends” from last year’s Pacific Northwest journey. The edit features David Gravette, Chris Russell, Kevin Bækkel, Willis Kimbel, Cody Lockwood, John Gardner, Cory Juneau, and Vincent Matheron, skating spots in Tigard, West Linn, Newburg Portland, and Pier Park, Oregon, and Battleground, Marginal Way, Orcas Island, Washington, and more! The region has been hit hard by the crazy wildfires in the past week, so check out Creature’s ‘Northwest Rev’n’ video above and keep the NW peeps in your hearts.

Watch some of our work with Creature over the years—including David Gravette’s Battle Scars and In Transition, and Creature’s United Nations—below:

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