Watch Creature’s Ulph Andersson In New ‘Lockdown’ Part

Creature’s Ulph Andersson had a rough start to his Coronavirus lockdown experience. According to his new interview at the Solo mag site, a nasty skate injury left him with a hole in his leg requiring a hospital visit on the eve of Barcelona’s lockdown. So, for the first few weeks of the quarantine, Andersson was laid up and rehabbing. His latest part, appropriately titled ‘Lockdown,’ was filmed during the quarantine—early morning or late evening seshes only—and is a time capsule of this extremely weird period in our global history. Watch the video, filmed and edited by Damià Tesorero, above!

The pandemic has all but shut down the normal operations here at The Berrics’ private park; in the interest of staying healthy we have discouraged the typically packed filming sessions. So we got creative with our Battle At The Quarantine series and our collaboration “Murder Your House” contest with Liquid Death, putting a positive spin on being an isolated skater with COVID-19 lurking around every corner. Watch some of these edits below, and stay safe so we can all get back out there together soon!

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