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Daewon Song and Torey Pudwill Interviewed on The Nine Club Episode 275

Daewon Song and Torey Pudwill join forces once again for a double interview on The Nine Club. Sit down with Torey and Daewon to hear how Daewon got sponsored by World Industries, the first documented inward kickflip on film now known as the hardflip, Daewon and his Z-Rollers, Torey almost getting on Chocolate and Alien Workshop, Daewon breaking his ankle, the Rodney vs Daewon videos, Daewon wanting Torey to skate for Almost Skateboards, why they started Thank You Skateboards together, what it was really like skating for Rocco and much more! Watch the full episode, above, and catch up on all the previous episodes of The Nine Club with Chris Roberts HERE.

Torey and Daewon have been working with us since the OG days, check out some of our favorite videos between the two, below!

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