Daewon Song & Chris Haslam Are Cracked

Daewon Song is apparently making good on his widely shared 2019 Instagram post hinting at a Cheese and Crackers reunion with transition doubles weirdness partner-in-crime Chris Haslam. Fifteen years after the debut of the inspired Almost video, these transition technicians have still got it… and by “it” we mean the skills to turn any ramp into a Rube Goldberg machine-esque game of Mousetrap.

Well, it seems as though this wasn’t just lip trick lip service: Cheese And Crackers HQ launched last week, and it’s officially cracked. Haslam and Song are up to their old tricks, and a lot of new ones too. Is this just a warmup for Cheese And Crackers 2.0?

Song and Haslam have been working with us for well over a decade, participating in most of our contests… and winning them. Watch a handful of their best moments, below:

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