Daewon Song, a pro skater who is known as much for his sponsor loyalty as for his continually progressive clips, has left Almost Skateboards. He made the announcement this morning via Instagram.

Song cofounded Almost in 2003 with Rodney Mullen, and somehow he has managed to be at the top of his game throughout his tenure as a founding pro. Having appeared in the company’s two full-lengths—Round Three (a play on Song’s game-changing parts in World Industries’ Round One and Round 2) and 5-Incher—Song is perhaps more closely associated with the 2006 promo Cheese & Crackers. The video features Chris Haslam (who also left Almost last year) and Song essentially one-upping each other on a mini-ramp, utilizing anything and everything that they could find. The video signaled an era of inventive skateboarding and its influence is still felt in videos 12 years later. 

More recently, Song has become established as arguably the most reliable skate instagram account. Much like Cheese & Crackers, there is never a dull moment on Song’s Insta. Having perfected the art of selfie video clips, Song is a shining example of the DIY ethic in skating.

There is no official announcement of Song’s next move, but there is a hint buried within the text. Here’s the caption from today’s post:

Me & Almost skateboards have parted ways….Thanks so much to everyone over at Dwindle and Almost Skateboards! I hope the team and everyone there the best, much love for all the amazing support and good times, but it’s time for me to move forward onto a new project and keep myself motivated for many more years of shinners, balancing acts, silliness and new video parts! Thank you for all the love and support everyone. Follow your dream.

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