Daewon Song Teases ‘Cheese & Crackers’ Sequel With Chris Haslam

A couple of days ago, Daewon Song posted something unexpected (but rather familiar) on his Instagram feed: him and Chris Haslam skating a miniramp. Holy shit, just like Cheese and Crackers… And, unsurprisingly, thirteen years later these transition technicians have still got it.

In the caption for this choreographed edit, Song asks what we assume is a rhetorical question, “Should we?” As in: “Should we reunite and film another miniramp video that is sure to please everybody who has a pulse?” So, is this really happening or it just lip trick lip service?

Song and Haslam have won several of The Berrics’ biggest competitions: Chris Haslam has the distinction of being the only skater to win 2Up twice; and audience favorite Daewon Song has dominated Populist and In Transition. Check out more of their work with us over the years, below:

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