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Daiki Ikeda Wins Damn Am Netherlands

Damn Am Netherlands took place last week at Pier 15 in Breda, and Daiki Ikeda won the contest for the second time—he killed Damn Am LA here at The Berrics last month—with a flawless run (check it out, above). If this is the next generation, then we are excited to see all the clips and coverage that will be coming out in the next few years!

Each skater had 60 seconds to show you their best run, and all of the 12 finalists have earned their spots into Tampa Am 2022 in November! Finals results below:

1. Daiki Ikeda

2. Elias Heitmann

3. Mauro Iglesias

4. Jan Hirt

5. Ginwoo Onodera

6. Levi Loffelberger

7. Mattias Dell Ollio

8. Max Berguin

9. Liam Le Franc

10. Simon Deprez

11. Justin Sommer

12. Alex Decunha

Check out our recent video with Ikeda, below. Congrats!

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