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Photo courtesy: The Japan News

This year has seen an explosion of skateboarding articles across mainstream media. The lion’s share of the coverage has focused primarily on the Olympics, hyping up each country’s prospective athletes for the 2020 Games in Tokyo. (Read our interview with USA Skateboarding CEO, Josh Friedberg, for more details about how athletes are vying for inclusion in the Olympics.)

Of all the countries throwing their dad hats in the ring, you’d think that Japan would be sweating it—being the host country is kind of a big deal. That is, until you watch Daisuke Ikeda skate. We reposted one of his Instagram clips today (via @theycallmeninobrown), noting that he filmed all three tricks within 5 minutes. The precision and variety of the tricks was pretty amazing, and it seems that he’s not only impressing skaters… he has The Japan News knocking on his door as well. 

Daisuke sat down with the News to talk about his views on The Olympics, why Japan needs more skateparks, and how fear inspires creativity—in skateboarding and in life. 

You can read the entire profile at The Japan News; it’s highly recommended. Honestly, it’s kind of sick to see all the different skaters who may be competing in the Olympics. Daisuke in particular appears to have a good head on his shoulders. And a great kickflip stalefish: 

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