Dan Magee Gives You The Low Down About Blueprint’s Early Days

Up until the release of 2010’s Make Friends With The Colour Blue, the U.K.’s Blueprint didn’t make too much noise stateside. And for many skaters that amazing full-length kicked off a serious obsession with all things British—some of us even swapped our daily coffee breaks (peace Neil Blender) for tea. In retrospect it’s kinda sad that many of us only really caught on to the Blueprint magic towards the tail-end of the brand’s life; the earlier videos—including First Broadcast, Waiting For The World, and Lost & Found—were also incredible but the goddamn PAL video format was a huge roadblock for most of the world’s video-hungry skaters, pre-YouTube.

Though the brand is now defunct, its legacy and impact lives on. Vague magazine’s Tom Pickard recently sat down with filmer/visual impresario Dan Magee to get the unvarnished history of Blueprint videos, with an engrossing side-discussion about local skatespots and architecture trends. To complement this interview, Vague has also uploaded two early Magee projects—Foolish Lifestyles and “@meetatbenjys” (raw tapes)—with stunning high-quality uploads. It’s never too late to make friends with the color blue—read the interview here.

We were lucky enough to work with Blueprint on a handful of projects circa the release of Make Friends With The Colour Blue, including a United Nations. Watch these videos, featuring Paul Shier, Sylvain Tognelli, Chewy Cannon, Tom Knox, Nick Jensen, and more, below:

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