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There is no doubt that music plays an incredibly important role in skateboarding. You put the right music to the right skateboarding, that part, that skater and that song will live in your head for the rest of your life. It will represent intangible aspects of your personal history that have meaning beyond what you may even imagine at the time you’re watching it. The marriage between skateboarding and music is an important one and that’s why The Berrics has been working on creating relationships with musicians and labels that understand the inherent value that we represent to one another. Dangerbird records is co-owned by a good friend of mine, Peter Walker. He co-founded this label for a lot of the same reasons that Eric and I started The Berrics. He just thought there was a better way to do things not only for his own band, Eulogies, but for all the other bands he knew or was a fan of. I know a lot of you out there love music as much as you love skating so I thought forging a partnership with Dangerbird couldn’t be anything but a step in the right direction. I stopped by their offices and sat down with Peter so that I could get an understanding of how he works and thinks and to introduce to you the fact that no matter what you want to do, you can do it because we all were in almost the exact same position in our lives. Persistence on a given course is the only thing that determines your success or failure. — sb

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