Danny Hamaguchi Is Pro For Thank You


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Thank You has announced that Danny Hamaguchi is now pro! The brand, founded by Berrics Battle Commanders Torey Pudwill and Daewon Song, launched in 2018 with the mission to uplift the community by supporting deserving causes and taking action to highlight the most positive aspects of skateboarding. The brand’s “give back” board collections are a case in point: Each deck sold in these series are custom designed to highlight an admirable initiative with a portion of the proceeds donated to that cause.

(Autographed Erik Bragg/Shrimpdaddy Thank You decks are available in The Canteen. You’re welcome.)

Song and Pudwill have been working with us for at least a decade, filming for just about every series that The Berrics can come up with (Pudwill even kickflipped Yoon Sul’s motorcycle!). Watch some of their many, many Berrics projects, below:

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