DANNY WAY — Chromeball Incident Interview

DANNY WAY -- Chromeball Incident Interview

Danny Way is a living legend. He’s been on the forefront of skateboarding for 30 years, and has arguably done more innovative tricks than anyone. Whether it’s jumping the Great Wall of China or coming up with the Mega Ramp, Danny has pushed things further than what was previously thought possible.

When Plan B’s True dropped in 2014, Danny’s part was noticeably absent. In his new interview with Chromeball Incident, Danny talks about why he didn’t have a part in the video and his plans for his upcoming solo part.

“Well, I’m not planning on this being my last part but with all of the abuse my body has taken, I’m not sure how many more full-length parts I have in me after this. But I wouldn’t call it retiring.

I didn’t have a part in True because I kept getting hurt. I had 3 minutes of footage at that point but my part still wasn’t where I wanted it to be. I held back on it because DC and Plan B wanted to do more of a standalone part to celebrate my heritage with the brands. We decided to present it on its own, in a way that’s a little bigger than a part within a larger video. I know that people were disappointed about not seeing anything from me in True but my inspiration is to get this thing right.

I’m getting all of the ramp stuff out of the way early because I know that I can get that done with the least amount of impact on my knees and ankles. The vert and mega shit is pretty close to being done. I filmed a good amount of new shit on my ramp in Hawaii and on the D.C. Monster ramp that I’m happy with. I’m eager to get that stuff out, for sure, but I want to hit up a bunch of bowls and DIY stuff to get some concrete in there, too. If all goes according to plan, I’ll get a few street tricks in there as well. But yeah, that’s where I’m at with it.” 

For more on Danny, check out the full interview on Chromeball Incident.

Danny Way – Driven By Skateboarding

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