Help Fund Darren Miller’s Georgie Tsushima Film

Darren Miller, a Chicago-based filmmaker and longtime skateboarder, is looking for funding to get his new film project rolling. The film is about Georgie Tsushima, a friend who recovered from an incredibly gnarly slam. Read Miller’s description of the project, below:

“Geo is a coming of age story inspired by a group of young skateboarders with a passion for progression. It’s the story of growing up, finding your tribe and your passion, while dealing with friendship and tragedy. It’s about sublime relationships that impact you for a lifetime. At its core, this film focuses on Geo’s life after a skateboarding accident left him unable to use his motor skills. It’s about how he never stopped dreaming as he fought to recover while inspiring everyone around him.

“This is a story based on true events about one of my best childhood friends, Georgie. Georgie’s story is one that should be celebrated and experienced by everyone. After receiving news that Georgie’s injury would leave him in a “vegetative” state for the rest of his life, we would imagine that there would be no hope and the plug would have to be pulled. Georgie’s fight was so strong that he overcame all of those odds. He taught himself how to speak, write and skate again. He had a will that would not quit…

“This idea has been in development without knowing it for the last 10 years. True life events have inspired this film to be made. We’ve been working on getting the resources and funding that is needed to make this story a reality, but also in a way that we can truly do it justice.”

Read more about the planning and details of how the funding will be budgeted at Miller’s Indiegogo campaign page. Watch one of Miller’s previous videos, ‘Dreamscape’, for Red Digital Cinema, below:

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