Dave Bachinsky Talks Upcycled Wood In Latest ‘Dew Tour’ Video

Longtime Berrics favorite Dave Bachinsky has developed a reputation for being one of the most technically adept skaters in the world, and he shares his specific tech specs in Dew Tour‘s latest ‘Set Ups’ video. As you all may already know, Bachinsky is an accomplished dead deck upcycler: his Shape Three company specializes in bringing used and abused boards back to life, with a product range that covers everything from furniture to jewelry. The Darkstar 7.5” deck he rides is uniquely suited for this type of woodworking reincarnation, due to its vertical-ply design (which brings more color out in his handcrafted pieces). It’s official: skateboarding is renewable energy.

Watch some of our extensive work with Bachinsky over the years, below:

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