Dave Swift Interviewed By ‘The Nine Club’

‘The Nine Club’ interviewed photographer and former Transworld Skateboarding/The Skateboard Mag/Berrics Magazine editor Dave Swift about entering CASL contests in the early ’80s; getting sponsored by Schmitt Stix; the first photo he shot, in 1983, at the Great Desert Ramp Battle; his early days working at Transworld in 1989 (as a writer); asking J. Grant Brittain to borrow an old camera; getting his first photo printed in Transworld; shooting with Tom Penny when he first came to the U.S.; the stories behind some of Heath Kirchart’s amazing photos and covers (yep, Swift shot those—see below); switching from film to digital; the era of Transworld when the issues were well over 400 pages; leaving Transworld to start The Skateboard Mag; and how selling The Mag to The Berrics(…hey that’s us!) came about. Watch the 3 hour-long episode, above!

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