David Gravette Shows You How To Cope With ‘The Worst Skatepark Ever’

David Gravette‘s latest project for Bronson Speed Co. is a sort of fool’s errand: Search out the worst skatepark on God’s green earth and just try to make the most of that shit. His quest brought Gravette to the Molalla skatepark in Oregon. If you’re wondering what the criteria is to be considered the “worst,” he breaks it down for you in the above video:

“Things you wanna look for in a shitty skatepark: rough ground; warped sort-of transitions, way too steep; there’s usually a pyramid involved you may or may not have enough speed for; and you will be able to buy meth close by.”

Gravette knows skateparks. He participated in our 2015 edition of “In Transition,” filmed entirely at Windell’s in Sandy, Oregon. Watch this part, his behind-the-scenes video, and his “Halloweekend Massacre” edit from 2015, below:

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