Deluxe Supports Today’s ‘Skaters Vote Day’ Initiative


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Deluxe Distribution, the San Francisco-based company that provides you with REAL, Krooked, Antihero, Grimple Stix, Spitfire, Venture, and Thunder, is encouraging skaters in the U.S. to get out and vote. The company’s support of the ‘Skaters Vote’ campaign is the latest in a long line of initiatives designed to use skateboarding as a catalyst for change, joining selfless nonprofit pushes ‘Keep It Rolling’ and ‘Actions Realized.’ Be part of the movement: Register today and hashtag #SkatersVoteDay on social with an image from the Skaters Vote site.

Although we may not always be conscious of it, governmental policies directly and indirectly impact skateboarding—and this year is shaping up to be the most important presidential election in history. As skaters, it’s in our nature to see through the bullshit and the lip-service that are inherent in politics, but Deluxe urges you to look deeply into the issues that are affecting Americans today; research where the candidates stand and then decide who you would want to represent you when it comes to the priorities. Red, or blue, or otherwise, it’s important that your voice be heard.

If you are an eligible voter and are planning on being neutral in the 2020 election, please reconsider: Register to vote today and exercise your rights!

The Berrics has worked closely with Deluxe since the very beginning of our humble greatest private skatepark in the world. Jim Thiebaud and the crew have consistently created initiatives designed to use skateboarding as a tool for positive change; this is what giving back is truly all about. Check out just a few of Deluxe’s many, many projects with us over the years, below:

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