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Deluxe x Skate Shop Day Collection

The 4th Annual Skate Shop Day is this Saturday February 18th and Deluxe has gone above and beyond for this years celebration. Make sure to visit your local shop to show some love for all the work they do for skateboarding and the community. While you’re there, be on the lookout for the Limited, One-Time only releases from Deluxe for Skateshop Day 2023.

DLX x Skate Shop Day decks by Mike Gigliotti.

Mike Gigliotti has been supporting Skate Shop Day since the very beginning with his early efforts to make custom shirts for shops during the Pandemic. DLX celebrates that by having him design their “Support Your Local Skateshop” decks for an exclusive SSD release.

Deluxe x Skate Shop Day 2023 Collection

REAL’s Skate Shop Day 2023 Exclusive Ishod Twin Tail.

Real jumps in the Skate Shop Day fold with a fully blacked out Ishod Cat Scratch Twin Tail Skate Shop Day Deck, with all dyed veneers, embossed scales on top, black metallic ink highlights, and a large sticker insert. Made on the exact 8.38 Twin-Tail size Ishod rides.

Deluxe x Skate Shop Day 2023 Collection

Krooked’s Pure Evil Beamer.

Krooked’s Pure Evil Beamer deck showcases tie dye veneer through the cutouts surrounded by speckle glitter black with silver art by Mark. Available only on Skate Shop Day February 18th, 2023.

Deluxe x Skate Shop Day 2023 Collection

Unity’s Skate Shop Day deck benefitting The Transgender Law Center.

These decks are extremely rare, limited to 2 per shop, each individually hand detailed by Jeff Cheung.
The profits from the sale of these decks will go to support the work The Transgender Law Center is doing.

Deluxe x Skate Shop Day 2023 Collection

Last but certainly not least…

The Surprise decks for Skateshop Day this year are -
Tony Hawk GrimpleHouse Guest Decks!

These Decks are super limited, one-time only. Shipped in black bags.

They come in two different versions… rare and ultra rare.
RARE: 8.5, Asst veneers, 2023 SkateShop day top graphic
ULTRA RARE: 250 made, 10.14 Custom Shape, Hand numbered tops, Full blue Spray, randomly sent out

Deluxe x Skate Shop Day 2023 Collection Deluxe x Skate Shop Day 2023 Collection Deluxe x Skate Shop Day 2023 Collection

Check out for the full list of participating Skate Shops to get your hands on the exclusive DLX drop this Saturday!

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