General Ops


The reason why everyone continues to still participate in Wednesdays with Reda isn’t because they like me, in fact, I don’t know most of the people Reda films, not like Reda does anyhow. The reason you see great skateboarder after great skateboarder after interesting person, week after week, still willing to be in front of the camera for Giovanni is a testament not to our editing skills but to his affability. In other words, people just like him because underneath that hard Brooklyn exterior is a big soft cloud of caring. He’s a an extremely sharp and intelligent human being and above all, he’s a great photographer. Wednesdays with Reda? It’s a side project he continues to do for me because he’s a great friend and I believe him to be one of the most interesting people walking this hunk of rock. He’s worked on a book on and off for 4 years and finally it’s done and worth every minute he spent on it. Recently, he had a night whereupon we all gathered to celebrate the release of this book, his first book. We’re all proud of him. We all love him. And we all bought one. Thank you Giovanni. — sb