Watch Heimana Reynolds, Sky Brown & Tom Schaar In Dew Tour’s ‘On The Spot’

Longtime Berrics collaborators MTN DEW have released a new ‘Dew Tour On The Spot’ montage, featuring team riders Tom Schaar, Chris Joslin, Gavin Bottger, Liam Pace, TJ Rogers, CJ Collins, Alex Sorgente, Heimana Reynolds, Sky Brown, and Keegan Palmer. Some of these skaters are already well-known Olympic hopefuls, but by 2021 they all might be on the Summer Games shortlist. Watch the video, above!

MTN DEW has been a part of The Berrics experience, off and on, for many years. The brand’s involvement helped bring a lot of rad content to life (our epic New York Week in 2014 springs to mind). Check out some of the content that wouldn’t have been possible without DEW below, and Curren Caples’s ‘Behind The Lines’ piece, above:

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