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This Is How The Bowl In Supreme’s SF Store Was Suspended

Supreme’s San Francisco store opening was an incredible success, setting a new high-water mark for how progressive and clean a retail store could look. Arguably, the centerpiece of the SOMA store is the huge suspended bowl. Looking like the ribcage from a disembodied wooden giant—or a 3-D rendering of an avocado covered in sawdust—the bowl hangs from the ceiling with plenty of room for customers (and woodworking nerds) to walk underneath and admire all the… studs. Design website Dezeen recently posted a video of London firm Brinkworth’s handiwork in the SF store (the wooden bowl was fabricated and installed by Steve Badgett and his studio SIMPARCH), and it’s as impressive as anything else that Supreme stamps its name on. Due to the bowl’s shape and location, the sounds of skating reverberate “like a huge speaker” in the store.

Watch the video, above, and then read the article on the Dezeen site here.

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