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DGK Explores The Last Skate Plaza in Los Angeles in ‘JKwon Days’

When you think of JKwon… You think of DGK. The brand’s weekly “JKwon Sundays” have been a staple for the LA local skateboarder the past couple of years and now we get an inside look at the plaza contribution to skateboarding in DGK’s new series highlighting the iconic LA street skating plaza, “JKwon Days.” Sit down for a Dirty Ghetto Kids history lesson exploring the historical proving ground from where it came from, where it’s at, and where it’s going.

Go behind the scenes of one of the last skate plazas in LA in ‘JKwon Days,’ filmed and edited by Anthony Capostango.

Check out some of our work with DGK, and our Los Angeles Pins episode of the iconic JKwon plaza, below!

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