DGK & Stevie Williams Team Up With Off-White’s Virgil Abloh For Deck Series

Stevie Williams

DGK and Stevie Williams have teamed up with designer Virgil Abloh—known for his Off-White brand—for a limited-edition series of custom camo decks. The camo print was created by hand by Abloh, and each deck is etched with ‘Abloh’ on the bottom. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to DGK’s Saved By Skateboarding program. Decks go on sale exclusively at the DGK site for $79.99 on August 1. For more information on this limited project, visit DGK’s site.

In 2015, for Black History Month, we invited Williams to speak his mind about overcoming adversity in life. It was one of the most important videos we’ve ever produced, reminding skaters that we’re essentially all one in the same—regardless of skin color or background. Check it out, along with a few other DGK gold nuggets, below:

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