DGK Teases New Full-Length Video

Chaz Ortiz alert! DGK has released the teaser for its upcoming video Zeitgeist (an homage to the NYC indie film distributor… or maybe not). Here’s a short list of the skaters who appear in this video… Darius Jackson / Steez Ortiz / Juan Moreno / Josue Dosouto / Brian Reid / Adriel Parmisano / Gianfranco Garozzo / Will Mazzari / Dane Vaughn / Anthony Davis / Adrian Mccoy / Brian Panebianco / Boo Johnson / Grady Smith / Kevin Bilyeu / Josh Kalis / Adolfo Franco / Deon Harris / Dlamini Dlamini / Isaac Walker / Mike Lawry / Gab Galipeau / Yorlin Phillips / Ashura Parchment / Tatem Dorder / Etienne Turnbull / Yuki Sawashima / gerv Ndong / Joy Awosika / Dwayne Fagundes / Nick Dias / Kevin Augustine / John Shanahan / Monty Clifton / Max Guisse / Eric Valladares / Adrianne Sloboh / Ryan Farley / Johnathan Gonzales / Akeem Carby / Izzy Gonzalez / Curtis Fontenot / Collin Slew / Marquise Henry / Stevie Williams. Watch the Ortiz tease, above!

We have worked with Ortiz since he was just a li’l Steez, back in 2009. The former Battle Commander has filmed dozens of projects with us, including a massively viral edit for Gatorade that Colin Kennedy directed, ‘Go All Day.’ Watch some of his videos, below:

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