Dickies Launches Podcast Series With Jamie Foy Interview

Filmer Joe Monteleone (aka “Joeface”) and photographer Sam Muller have been capturing some of the best moments in skateboarding for years, and they’ve stepped out from behind the lenses for Dickies’ new podcast series, ‘The Sam & Joe Show.’ The brand premiered the first episode today, with fearless team rider Jamie Foy in the studio, and the hosts’ combined knowledge and insight have already firmly established this as a top-tier interview series. With their keen observations, Muller and Monteleone bring an unexpected depth to their interview with Foy.

“It’s an internal battle.”

We all know Foy as being a perfectly composed skater who seemingly doesn’t think twice about tackling anything. When Muller asks him how remains so calm on the outside, Foy’s reply is everything we could’ve hoped for: “It’s an internal battle. I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing that I can hide my emotion that well… I’m confident that I can do it, but I’m also terrified.” (So, that’s how he does it!) Watch episode one of ‘The Joe & Sam Show,’ above, and read one of our early interviews with Foy here.

While we can’t really say that we “discovered” Foy, we certainly got in on the ground floor: The Berrics filmed numerous projects with him before he essentially became a household name, eventually nabbing a spot on Team U.S.A. as an Olympic hopeful. Watch some of these videos, below:

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