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DINOSAUR JR. — Alien Workshop Collaboration

Dinosaur Jr. may be the most used band on skate video soundtracks of all time. First introduced to skate culture via Alien Workshop’s Memory Screen [1991], the band has been a part of our DNA for 26 years now. For their latest offering, Alien and Dinosaur Jr. released two graphics on different shapes. The first is the album art from the band’s 2016 album titled A Glimpse of What You’re Not. And the second puts a Workshop spin on the iconic Joseph Szabo photo that Dinosaur Jr. used for the cover of Green Mind. Have a look at the decks below. They are currently available for purchase via the Workshop’s site. Also, revisit the band’s 2016 video for “Goin Down” that features Anthony Van Engelen, Christian Hosoi, and Andrew Allen, and was directed by Atiba Jefferson.

DINOSAUR JR. -- Alien Workshop Collaboration

Dinosaur Jr. | “Goin Down”

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