‘Disruption’ With Nyjah Huston and The Disorder Team

USA Skateboarding’s Nyjah Huston has been very busy working on a multitude of projects, but he always has time to get a bunch of top-notch clips. Yesterday we got to see a new edit for his brand Disorder, filmed during a trip to Miami, Florida… Holy ‘Jah this shit is something else! ‘Disruption’ features Huston, Dominick Walker, Kwesi Holloway, Becker Dunn, and Cole Hosman. Check it out, above!

Here’s a throwback to Huston’s Disorder announcement, back in June 2021: “As skateboarders, we’ve always been rebels. We see life and our surroundings in a different way. There’s too much order in this world and people telling you that you need to live life a certain way. Fuck the normal! Be different and live outside of the rules. I’m proud to present to you, Disorder Skateboards!”


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Huston has been working with The Berrics for years (we remember when he cut his dreads like it was yesterday), with a tally of over 100 video projects on the site. He’s easily the most consistently prolific pro—check out a small representation of his deep Berrics history below:

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