Drop Of Doom Recap Vid — Empire Games X Converse

We knew the Drop Of Doom was coming, but damn this was gnarly. The Empire Games is known for thinking outside the box since their first contests up in Canada, such as last year’s ”Wall Of Death.” A contest consisting of a giant quarterpipe with over 20-feet of vert markings for a wild contest of who can ride the highest. Phil Dulude took home the first place prize of $1,000 for clearing the 15ft marker. The crazy thing is, Phil Dulude also took home the W for the “Drop Of Doom” with a 20ft drop in. This begs the question, is Phil Dulude the Canadian Nyjah Huston? All joking aside the contest concept was pretty genius, focusing on having fun and keeping it simple. 

“The concept for the event was quite simple, highest drop in wins, 12 1-foot blocks were added to a 10-foot-high transition in a pyramid formation until we reach the maximum drop in point.”

This is one of the few times you’re glad skaters are wearing a helmet as some gnarly slams took place. Empire also opened the contest to highest switch drop-in and highest roll-In with Cody Cormier and Leon Chapdelaine both dropping in switch at the 13ft mark, and Phil Delude rolling in at 14ft. We are looking forward to the next Empire Games to say the least.

Presented by Empire and Converse.

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