DUSTIN DOLLIN — Kingpin Interview

DUSTIN DOLLIN -- Kingpin Interview

courtesy of Gert Goovaerts

Ali Boulala is releasing a new series of interviews with the Baker team via Kingpin. The first is with Dustin Dollin. Never one to hold back his opinion, Dustin always calls it like he sees it. He provides some insight into what is and isn’t driving skateboarding’s progression in 2018 from his perspective in this new piece.

* According to me what’s pushing skateboarding in the right direction? People that are still doing old tricks like Grant Taylor, he looks fantastic on a skateboard, that’s how skateboarding is meant to look. Not posers who are trying to look like Gonz on the street, guys who have natural flow are pushing skateboarding. Natural flow is what is pushing skateboarding and the natural flow of skateboarding will be natural. I look gross on a skateboard so I really respect people with cool flow. I feel skateboarders have become less bitchy, they’re getting a lot more stuff done, they’ve got more power, more strength, more fighting…*

Head over to the Kingpin site to read the entire interview.

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