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Dylan Jaeb Presents ‘en zed’

Dylan Jaeb might be one hell of a skateboarder… but he possess an equivalent talent behind the lens as well, hints ‘en zed,’ his annual follow up to his first video offering, “Friendly Fire”.

You already know that a skater as good as Dylan has to have some pretty gnarly friends…  In steps Theo Clarke, Charlie Aubrey, Toby Ryan, Gavin Bottger, Cyprus Blanco, Geurlain Girardin, Josh Herrmann, Jamie Bucknor, and Rios Gaia. Dylan and the crew crank out 8 and a half minutes of solid footage that makes you want to hit the streets with your friends.

Watch ‘en zed,’ filmed and edited by Dylan Jaeb with additional filming by Andres Garcia, Brandon Cortez, Theo Clarke, and Toby Ryan, above and check out Dylan’s first friendly fire video, below!

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