EA’s ‘Skate’ Team Debuts ‘The Board Room’ Round Table Series

Today, Electronic Arts and Full Circle released the premiere episode of ‘The Board Room,’ a series where the makers of skate. come together to give you an inside look at the game’s development, share updates, and answer fan questions about the release. This is the fourth in the Skate series, but don’t call it Skate 4 because it’s definitely not that, according to Cuz Parry, from the OG Skate team. But, essentially, yes, it’s finally happening (thanks to The Berrics).

The hosts talk about the long-awaited return of the franchise, the new game’s business model and platforms, the official name of the in-game city, and upcoming opportunities for fans to be able to play and give feedback. Start massaging those thumbs now.

Six years ago, we launched a campaign to bring back EA’s Skate, ‘Make EA Skate Again,’ which had released its final game in the series in 2012. You’re welcome.

EA's 'Skate' Debuts 'The Board Room' Round Table Series

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