‘Eater SF’ Profiles Brad Staba’s Pizza Joint

Eater San Francisco published an article on Brad Staba‘s new venture, Raymond’s Pizzeria in Richmond, California, this morning and you could say it is a glowing review bubbling with positivity. This is good news, because approximately 105% of startup restaurants fail in the first 6 months in the Bay Area (people that simply think about opening a pizzeria go broke). To put it simply: Staba kneads your dough.

The joint opened in July and the word of mouth is getting stronger every day. Staba, the 40-year-old founder of Skate Mental, says in the article, ““I attacked this whole project like I do skateboarding. I didn’t go and hire somebody to teach me how to do the shit, you know? I just went and fucking did it.” Fuck yeah you fucking did, you fucking pizza-spinning madman!

Read the full article at the Eater SF site. This is classic skate food by a classic skate dude.

The Berrics is certainly down with pizza and we’ve invited hundreds of local skaters to take part in our pizza parties over the years. Watch some of those events, and our profile on Arts District phenom Pizzanista, below:

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